Sunday, May 20, 2012

Your free guide to do it yourself virus removal.

Welcome to Do it yourself virus removal. Your free online guide for do it yourself computer virus removal. In keeping with do it yourself tradition, all virus removal solutions/tools/and software provided are absolutely free.

Do you believe your PC may have a virus? Here’s what to do.

Please pick the scenario below that comes closest to describing the current condition of your PC:

Scenario #1: If your PC still has somewhat normal functionality and internet access, click here to start the removal.

Scenario #2: If your PC will not boot up, keeps on shutting down and restarting, or you are completely locked out of it, click here to start removal.

The virus removal process for each of the scenarios below has been made as simple as humanly possible. All virus removal solutions provided utilize completely free virus removal tools that don't have any sign-up process or ask for personal information.